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Calling all office workers and many others with sit-down jobs, taxi drivers, lorry drivers, exercisers and athletes, senior citizens, and all those who want to look after their general health and well-being. Developed under the supervision of Seppo Hämeenoja, a Finnish Senior Specialist in physical medicine, the LORDOS® lumbar prop is for you. If you are suffering from ailments caused by a bad posture or joint problems, the lumbar prop can help relax and relieve stress around the area, making life more comfortable. Read more

Exercisers and athletes!


Lordos®-method to improve effectiveness and recovery after exercise. See more >

Is your workplace a car?

autoilijaDo you drive a lot? Lordos® will help keep your back in shape. Read more


Tampereen työvoimatoimisto 1998-03-23

Studies have shown the Lordos® lumbar prop has helped ease back ailments. Read more

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