Who can benefit ?

Who can benefit from the LORDOS®
lumbar prop?

The LORDOS® method gives joy of life and well-being. It helps when your back is painful. It can be used to relax before falling asleep and when in deep sleep to enhance recovery.

The LORDOS® method suits nearly everybody 

The LORDOS® method is suitable to nearly all adults, regardless of age, height or body weight.

You can use the LORDOS® lumbar prop as often and for as long as you feel comfortable.

The LORDOS® method has no side-effects.

Some examples of people who can benefit greatly:

Sports people

Several sports activities can put a burden on your back. The back muscle tension placed can be high. The LORDOS® method has proven to be an effective way to for athletes to relax after performing. 

The LORDOS® method keeps your back fit for sports, such as tennis, skiing, riding, ice hockey, golf and athletics etc. The important thing is to allow the back muscles to relax between episodes of activity. Relaxation also interrupts the possible vicious circle of pain.

Sedentary lifestyle people

Office workers and others where a lot of sitting work is required. Also for anyone whose back is tired when standing, sitting and driving, for example lorry drivers and car or taxi drivers.

Sagging back or bad posture

The LORDOS® method is a great help to a person who wants to fix a bad back position, for example a sagging back or bent in the shoulders (kyphosis). The prop can also be used to treat posture after surgery or an accident.

People with early signs of spinal arthritis

For the early stages of spinal arthritis, the lumbar prop is useful in helping the stiffening to take place in the correct position.

People who meditate

The LORDOS® lumbar prop is ideal for meditation as it helps form a relaxation position.

When is the lumbar prop not recommended for use?

• The back is stiffened by surgery
• The spine has stiffened as a result of spinal arthritis
• Your doctor has determined a narrow spinal canal or narrow root canals in the lower back.


Benefits to you

• Individual self-care tool
• Aids physical recovery
• Better sleep
• Improves blood flow to back tissues
• Facilitates breathing
• Stretches the thoracic and neck muscles
• Keeps a good posture
• Eliminate fears and uncertainties in the treatment of the back


Other LORDOS® method benefits

• You can relax with a strained back
• Ready out of the box
• Maintenance-free
• Financial- can save money on medical consultation and drugs
• Sustainable
• No harmful side effects of drugs
• Proven effective

Do not forget physical exercise. Regular daily exercise, such as a brisk walk, makes your back stronger.