LORDOS® lumbar prop found to help in long-term back problems

Back relaxes on the board

Up to eight out of ten adults suffer from lower back pains at some point during their lives. Back disorders are often also the cause of sick leave and disability pensions. The back aches are many, there are many reasons that may even be opposites, such as over-exercise or immobility, and sitting or too burdensome work. Entrepreneur Hannu Jääskelä found the back pain lumbar prop as facilitator LORDOS® recommendation of the osteopath.

LORDOS® lumbar prop is a curved, laminated plywood board which supports your lower back , whose power is based on the lower back tightened muscles to relax. Relaxation in the intervertebral disc pressure is reduced, on top of the back board of relaxation for 10-15 minutes should be enough to facilitate the pressure. Jääskelä long teased back fasettilukko eased when he went jogging and once again to standing in a couch on the board after stretching: “When I was falling asleep, the back was quite a bang and a smile spread on the lips. The pain was over. “What’s New fasettilukkoa has not come vaivoiksi. The LORDOS® method has been developed in chief, physiatrist Seppo Häme Trench chair. Its functionality is based on the fact that hard, to support the back on top of the arc plate back to rentoutua. LORDOS® lumbar prop long-term use to restore the natural arch the back, and it is suitable for both sway than oikoselkäisellekin. Manufacturer’s recommendation is that your back is relaxed on top of the board before going to bed. During the night, the back of tissue blood flow is enhanced and deep sleep promotes muscle recovery and relaxation.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences diaconal unit collected LORDOS® lumbar prop user experience data in 1998. The study of 50 people suffering from back problems, including a dozen or so that had been suffering from pain for decades were involved. The subjects had been experiencing a variety of back pain such as radiating, burning, stinging, or sudden dull aches. Some participants in the use of drugs had increased because of hard pains. Säryillä also had effects on mood, work and leisure laatuun.Tutkittavat evaluate their own hurt on a scale of one to ten, as well as before the introduction of the board that after months of use. Pain in the meter, calculated on a scale of pain was reduced by about half of the initial situation. In addition to the pain level decrease in regular use of the back of the board relaxes removed insomnia and reduced the use of analgesics.

Kaleva/Heidi Hietala