Why use?



Why use the Lordos® lumbar prop?

Back problems

  • The LORDOS® lumbar prop both restores inadequate lumbar curvature and normalises excessive lordosis.
  • At the early stages of spinal arthritis, the LORDOS® lumbar prop helps to stiffen the back in the right position.
  • The LORDOS® lumbar prop is also useful in spinal stenosis due to excessive lordosis.

There are only a few contraindications to the use of the LORDOS® lumbar prop:

  • The spine has been stiffened surgically.
  • The spine is stiff due to spinal arthritis.
  • The person has spinal stenosis or stenosed root canals in the lumbar spine diagnosed by a physician.

In special cases, discuss the use of the LORDOS® method with your doctor.


Relaxation after stress

When you load your back more than usual, you may feel stiff and sore the next morning. By using the LORDOS® lumbar prop before going to bed, you can help your back to recover during the night and thereby alleviate the morning symptoms.

Enhanced overnight impact

You can maximise the impact of relaxation by resting on the LORDOS® lumbar prop right before bedtime. The dorsal musculature is only able to recover fully during deep sleep. The LORDOS® method helps you to reach deep stage S3 and S4 sleep.

Improved tissue circulation and deep sleep allow your back to recover.



This is how your back works

The intervertebral discs of even a healthy person become slightly compressed during the daytime activities.

When you sleep at night, you rest your back. The intervertebral discs get a supply of nutrients and the muscles relax. This is how your back recovers for the stresses of the new day.


When there is too much stress on your back

If your working positions are monotonous and you do not exercise, you may occasionally expose your back to excessive stress. You may experience such stress while gardening, shovelling snow, chopping firewood, doing office work, etc.

If you feel stress symptoms in your back, you should not further increase the stress by vigorous exercise.

If the stress persists, your muscles may become permanently stiff. Since the muscles protect your back, you begin to feel the stress in certain positions.

Not even rest is able to make the muscles relax properly, because the nutrient supply is impaired.

Recovery requires relaxation. The LORDOS® method allows your back to relax