Lordos® method for well-being and the enjoyment of life

The developer of the LORDOS® method is Head Physician & Physiatrist, Seppo Hämeenoja. He has had a long career in care and treatment methods for back problems. He is the author of several books and publications in the field.

LORDOS® lumbar prop is made in Finland. The material used is prime quality knot-free birch. The Lordos® lumbar prop is made of nine thin birch veneer layers laminated into a lumbar prop shape. The manufacturing process is intricate and guarantees the stability of the shape of the back of the board. The prop is comfortable, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing with the surface comfortable on the skin.


Oulu AKK, a study by the Diakonian unit, found using the LORDOS® lumbar prop:
• relieves pain
• helped to relax
• significantly reduced need for pain medication and
• significantly reduced insomnia.

Ways to enhance the impact of LORDOS® relaxation

Users report the following ways of enhancing the beneficial effects of the LORDOS® lumbar prop:

  1. To improve metabolism, walk for 5-10 minutes before lying down on the LORDOS® lumbar prop (especially in the evening).
  2. Use the LORDOS® lumbar prop on a hard surface.
  3. Stretch your arms over your head while relaxing. This helps to stretch the chest and neck muscles, which affects favourably your habitual posture.

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Quick relief from stress

1. Place the LORDOS® lumbar prop on a bed or sofa.

2. Lie down on it. the prop supports the natural curve of your lumbar spine.

3. If you feel pain in your back, try to reach the correct position gradually, avoiding excessive pain. You can put a small cushion under your neck and/or at the back of your knees, to feel more comfortable. Keep you arms along your sides at first.

4. Your muscles relax, relieving the pain due to stress.

5. The pressure on the invertebral discs slowly decreases.

A mere 10-15 minutes rest on the LORDOS® lumbar prop is good for your back and makes you feel better. It also helps to activate the nutrient supply to your back. 

6. After relaxation, turn sideways and remove the LORDOS® prop.

7. You can relax as many times a day as you like.