Use of the LORDOS® lumbar prop when in chronic pain

Seppo Hämeenoja, Physiatrist
LORDOS® spinal board is the recovery tool. It helps in achieving a balance between training and recovery. Suitable for training, their quantity and quality, stimulates the tissues to use vahvistumaan.Elimistön Practice, therefore, acts as stimulus for the strengthening of the body (rehabilitation). The strengthening occurs only at rest, mainly at night sleep stages aikana.Harjoituksen certain quality depends on what feature is the need to improve:
• durability
• the power level
• muscle balance
• balance
• tissue blood flow
• bone strength
• mobility
• support
• cartilage operation

Longer term, chronic pain is devoid of rational functions
The pain causes muscle spasm reflex and muscle tension increases pain. The autonomic nervous system (sympathetic side) activity increases, as a result of the weakening of peripheral blood, which knows eg. Cold feet. In chronic pain the pain threshold decreases, ie. The body is more sensitive to cold, hot, mechanical stimuli (pressure) adversely relaying pain information. The pain threshold is generally reduced more than in the respective regions, which hermottuvat same levels as kudosvaurioaluekin. When the spacer is damaged, it must be part of the problem related to pain, which persists as a chronic pain. In this case, the spacer reacts more sensitive to the normal against the pressure, indicating pain. As a result of back muscles kireytyminen, increased pain etc. LORDOS® back on the board can be reduced by unfavorable pressure on the intermediate plate. It acts as a factor in reducing the pain and the pain of the thread cutting. Chronic pain is often a matter of so-called. hyperpatia-problem which does not so much pain to be immediately loaded back-up, but only a posteriori, when the load is already gone. Eg. When you have some time to load after the sitting place, and often in the morning, the back is very stiff and sore. The most opportune moment to treat your back is, therefore, after the work session before going to sleep, when to best utilize the main function of sleep: making the body’s recovery.

When to use the LORDOS® lumar prop – can it be harmful?
• stiffened back, often even fits, it is usually just a few meantime stiffening norm. Lordoottiseen position.
• stiffened back, for example. Ankylosing connection.
If ankylosing spondylitis is at an early stage, then would be up to a good use notkoa sustaining support to stiffening happen to good position.
• a narrow spinal canal (spinal stenosis =), or just the narrow channels in the lower back.
In this case, generally must strive to reduce lower back notkoa. Usually the risk of the experiment is not, however, because the board should only be used if you will be able to be on top of it without pain. Ts. may not be radiation legs symptoms at all. Sometimes the background spinaalistenoosin is pronounced sagging, and in the context of the spinal board is helpful.

The conditions for recovery:
• adequate rest, sleep avg. 8 hours
• varied diet, for example. essential amino acids
• no pain – sympathetic activity down
• relaxed muscles

Recovery of tissue blood flow must be optimal. After an appropriate exercise of tissue blood flow of 2-3 – fold. As early as dynamic exercise a 5-minute gets its time. formed tissue damage, for example. herniation, also known as pain. The tissue damage in connection with certain humoral factors, chemical substances, when released, activate pain nerves that communicate information to the spinal cord and from there via supranuclear (thalamus) skin layer of the brain (consciousness), cf. anesthesia. In case of acute injury pain is a reasonable meaning: it protects tissues that cause more damage and tissues receive adequate time for healing.